YP Construction LLC established in 2010, is a branch of YP Landscaping LLC (www.yplandscaping.com). We are now not only taking care of your landscaping needs but, also your construction and remodeling needs. In 2005 YP Landscaping LLC had the opportunity to begin purchasing foreclosed properties. The houses were not livable although we were able to remodel them into beautiful homes. We have very professional staff to make this happen and we only use top-of-the-line materials and equipment.


In 2007 YP Landscaping’s customers began inquiring about construction companies to perform small jobs i.e., painting, sheet rock, roofing, fences, tile installation, gutters, and appliance installation, as well as larger jobs such as garage additions, expansion of rooms, electric and plumbing jobs. After realizing YP Landscaping LCC had the expertise to perform these jobs ourselves we created YP Remodeling LLC to provide these services to our customers.


We can help you with remodeling of small or large, residential or commercial properties. We are licensed, and insured. Please call today so we can assist you to make your design dreams a reality.


Tel: (281) 802-2921

E-Mail: yplandscaping@aol.com


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